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Media On The Go chief consultant is Ron Graham:            

Ron Graham has more than 3 decades of experience in the Out Of Home advertising sector, starting in 1981 in the U.K., where he worked with the largest OOH media contractors. In London in the early 80’s, Ron was a key figure in the establishment of tactical campaign networks for outdoor advertising (with Poster Sales Consortium). Ron was also an active member on the joint industry committee for the development, launch and implementation of OSCAR, a national classification tool with audience prediction and professional planning for OOH media.

Ron worked in Asia Pacific since 1986 as regional director and general manager with the Pearl & Dean Group, based in Singapore and also spending time living and working in Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand, additionally working in China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Korea.

In 1997 Ron joined Poster Publicity and returned to Singapore. Poster Publicity Asia Pacific expanded steadily, opening new businesses in Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Sydney and Shanghai. Poster Publicity became the leading independent out of home media agency in many of these markets.

In 2005, Poster Publicity and Portland merged in Asia Pacific and Ron was instrumental in steering the task of scaling up the operations from their combined people, resources and offices. On completion of the merger, the agency was renamed and launched as Kinetic Worldwide, head-quartered in London.

Kinetic Worldwide has become the world’s largest out of home media specialist agency. Ron Graham held the positions of Chief Operating Officer of Kinetic in Asia Pacific (reporting to the Asia Pacific CEO) and was a director on the board of Kinetic Worldwide.

In 2008, Ron left Kinetic to set up Media On The Go, an independent consulting business, serving the out of home media industry. Media On The Go is currently active with OOH media operators, property and infrastructure owners as well as industry bodies and training institutions.

Ron has experience on both the selling and buying sides of OOH media business and can draw on vast knowledge, ability and relationships to contribute at multiple levels in the OOH industry. Media On The Go aims to provide advisory services with advertisers, agencies, media owners, technology providers, property owners, regulatory authorities and education institutions.