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Media On The Go offers an independent and objective point of reference to advertising agencies, for the out of home (OOH) media industry.

With new technology and a host of new places for OOH media, agencies can get to the top of the learning curve promptly, with assistance from Media On The Go, to optimise opportunities and minimise mistakes.

Media On The Go can act as a conduit to information and data from numerous sources to provide validation and measurement for OOH media, even in the absence of formal research systems.

With a single point of reference, comparisons can be made and agencies can save time and resources to gain a total picture of OOH media.

Media On The Go can also advise agencies about production techniques and supply options.

OOH media has no editorial content to draw viewers, so creative is a vital component for successful OOH campaigns. Media On The Go can access best practices globally, to ensure OOH execution delivers the best implementation of the creative communication strategy.