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Property Owners
Property owners are usually the ultimate stake holders for out of home media.

Media On The Go is an independent and objective source of information about the OOH media business, which can help property owners to source and evaluate OOH media operators.

Media On The Go can provide useful reference information for the property owner to determine the value of their property, in terms of advertising media.

Governments, statutory boards and public infrastructure bodies are also potential property owners for OOH media assets. If appropriate Media On The Go can oversee the negotiation process and assist to set terms and scope of work for tenders of competitive bids for OOH media spaces.

Media On The Go can assist to optimise commercial value for property owners, and be instrumental in the creation of successful OOH media agreements.  

Media On The Go can also manage OOH media concessions, on behalf of the principal property owner. Media On The Go core competancy will ensure ease of management and operating, without distracting resources of the property owner.